Amica Mitigation Scan

The basic tool to analyse the potential to mitigate climate change on the local level is the Amica Mitigation Scan (download: Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf 912 KB []). It contains possible measures in the fields of:

  • Climate policy
  • Urban development
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Public Procurement
  • North-South-Cooperation


The Compendium of Measures includes strategies for the development of a consistent and comprehensive climate policy and presents different ambitious levels for the acting municipalities. It is also the basis of the Amica Mitigation Scan methodology for the analysis of climate protection programmes of local authorities.

Regional Mitigation Scans

To assess local and regional progress towards mitigation, between June and December 2006 AMICA mitigation peer reviews took place in Dresden, Upper Austria, Venice, Ferrara, Greater Lyon and Stuttgart. They include an overview activities being carried out to reduce climate change. Furthermore, they contain measures recommended by the review team to achieve further progress. They can be downloaded here:

Mitigation Scan Dresden, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf 207 KB []

Mitigation Scan Upper Austria, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf 2.308 KB []

Mitigation Scan Venice, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf 1.601 KB []

Mitigation Scan Ferrara, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf 800 KB []

Mitigation Scan Greater Lyon, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf 809 KB []

Mitigation Scan Stuttgart, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf 1.112 KB []

Background material

More background informations that enable a better understanding of the approach and the aims of the Mitigation Scans can be found in the brochure "Cities in Change" [Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf, 849 KB, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf, 847 KB, Link für Dateidownload folgtpdf, 893 KB, ].